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Secondary low behind Bertha to bring bigger impact to Newfoundland and the Maritimes this weekend

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Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 8:22 AM - Tropical Storm Bertha is expected to track well south of Atlantic Canada Wednesday and Thursday, becoming post-tropical as it reaches Canadian waters, forecasters says.

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"Bertha continues to track north-northeast having less and less of an impact on Atlantic Canada," says Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg. "Nova Scotia and Newfoundland will experience little to moderate storm surge, and winds will be of little impact."

According to Sonnenburg, localized areas could see up to 25 mm of rain through parts of Newfoundland, but rainfall amounts do not seem to be significant.

"The associated cloud shield will push northeast and reach Southeastern Newfoundland late today," adds the Canadian Hurricane Centre. "The main area of heavy precipitation will stay south of the region however some rain will spread over Avalon Peninsula tonight."

Unlike more-potent storms in the past, there are no well-defined fronts with the current atmospheric setup to enhance rainfall in any major way, the CHC says.

"There will be some ocean swells along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia and Southern Newfoundland, but it does not appear that they will be of much concern. One should be cautious at the immediate shoreline because waves of this nature can cause hazardous surf and can catch one off-guard at locations where the water depth drops-off quickly," says the CHC.

According to Sonnenburg, a secondary low that tracks up behind Bertha will have more of an impact on Newfoundland and the Maritimes Saturday into Sunday than Bertha will.

In the meantime, a widespread thunderstorm risk persists across the Atlantic provinces through Thursday.

"In addition, humidity through the Maritimes are making most places feel like the low 30s today," Sonnenburg says.

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