Relics of World War II battle explored at bottom of the sea


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 12:49 PM - Take a look at this up close video thousands of feet down in the Gulf of Mexico not far from Mississippi.

The video from the Ocean Exploration Trust shows incredible footage of two shipwrecks during World War II-- an American warship, the SS Robert E. Lee and a German U-boat, which is a type of submarine that torpedoed it.

The sinking happened in 1942.

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Scientists hope to learn more about how the ships sank as well as what kinds of life have taken shelter in the wreckage.

"This expedition will focus on documenting the myriad natural and cultural resources that lie in U.S. waters," the team says. "Some sites that we may visit include: Brine pools/lakes, deep-water coral reefs, and several shipwreck sites."

You can learn more at the project's website

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