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Nor'easter by the numbers: Some incredible meteorological statistics from Wednesday's storm

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Dayna Vettese and Martin Bélanger

Thursday, March 27, 2014, 7:01 AM -

This intense Nor'easter is the strongest storm to hit Atlantic Canada this winter and will be one of the most powerful storms of the past few years. 

This record-breaking storm formed in the southern United States and rapidly intensified as it moved its way up the east coast toward Atlantic Canada.

The main impacts of this disruptive storm include significant snowfall exceeding 30 cm, storm surge and pounding surf, and most importantly, extreme winds with gusts reaching 180 km/h. 

Widespread whiteout conditions have been reported.

Portions of the northeastern United States, such as Cape Cod, has sustained wind and surf damage from this storm. Here in Canada, reports of windows being blown out in southern Nova Scotia have come through our Stormline. Portions of the Trans Canada highway were completely shut down in the Maritimes. Hydro crews in Prince Edward Island were pulled off the roads until the conditions improve. 

Earlier on Wednesday, 16,000 customers were without power in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Chief meteorologist Chris Scott and Storm Hunter Mark Robinson have been braving the "snowicane" from Grand Etang, Nova Scotia (located on the western shores of Cape Breton). Chris St. Clair and Dwayne Oud have been live from Charlottetown, PEI. Marco Parent and Michel Millaire have been live from Moncton, New Brunswick for both The Weather Network and MeteoMedia. Nathan Coleman has been live from Halifax.

Below are some of the incredible meteorological statistics from this Nor'easter:

  • Wreckhouse, Newfoundland has set an all time wind gust record of 186 km/h
  • Grand Etang, Nova Scotia where Chris Scott and Mark Robinson are located gusted to 172 km/h Wednesday
  • The unofficial central pressure of the low was 955 mb at 3pm ADT Wednesday, which is lower than White Juan in 2004 (which was 959 mb)
  • A buoy located near the Bay of Fundy reported a gust to 191 km/h
  • Snowfall rates were 5-10 cm per hour at the peak of the storm

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