MUST SEE: Violent storm in Quebec tosses outdoor chair at window


Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, July 2, 2014, 8:12 AM - A line of severe thunderstorms ripped through southern Quebec on Tuesday, prompting tornado warnings and halting some Canada Day activities.

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"In the afternoon, a tornado warning was issued by Environment Canada for the Gatineau region," said The Weather Network's sister station MétéoMédia. "After fifty minutes, it was subsequently withdrawn."

Although a funnel cloud was sighted north of Grenville, there have been no confirmations of tornado touch downs, adds MétéoMédia.

Still, several residents took to Twitter to report storm damage. Among the damages were an overturned trailer and several uprooted trees.

Another dramatic video posted to YouTube shows the storms impact in Pontiac, Quebec.

"Flying tree limbs, shattered glass, a canoe the flipped over my cottage (you see it in front of the cottage at the beginning of the video then behind at the end)," said Marc Gaudet who posted the video. "Uprooted trees, tumbling wooden adirondac/muskoka chairs. A bit intense!"

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