Muggy weather returns to the GTA; Will Pearson reach 30°C before September 1st?


Dr. Doug Gillham
Meteorologist, PhD

Thursday, August 21, 2014, 10:54 AM - Our weather is starting to feel much more like summer again across southern Ontario.

While high temperatures are not far from the long-term average high of 25 C, the humidex will climb to the low to mid 30s through early next week and overnight lows in the upper teens will be close to what we were seeing for high temperatures at the end of last week.

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Due to the high humidity we do have the threat for isolated showers and thunderstorms each day through the weekend and any storm that develops could produce torrential downpours. However, most of the time it will not be raining and we will see sunshine each day as well.

At Pearson Airport the high temperature has not reached 30 C since June 30th (though it has hit 29.8 C twice). Since records started being kept at Pearson in 1937, we have not had a year in which the temperature failed to reach 30.0 C during both July and August.

At this point we do not expect the temperature to quite reach 30 C at Pearson during the next ten days. However, given the forecast pattern for early next week we cannot rule it out either. The temperatures aloft (around 1500 metres above the ground) will be quite warm, so if we get a little more sunshine than expected and avoid the cooling effects of a lake breeze, the temperature could still reach 30 C. It looks like next Tuesday will be our best chance of reaching 30 C.

As we head to the end of next week and the start of the Labour Day long weekend, it looks like cooler and less humid weather will spread into Southern Ontario. We will also be keeping an eye on the Southeast Coast of the United States as there is a threat for a tropical system that could impact that region.

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