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Morning Briefing: Four things to know about Tuesday

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 8:21 AM - Pouring rain, or blistering heat, is in store for people in Canada's three most populous provinces, with a mix of thunderstorms and nice weather forecast for elsewhere.

Here's a coast-to-coast peek at what's ahead for Tuesday.

Atlantic Canada

Showers and drizzle are still lingering for St. John's and the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland, bit the breezy, offshore low that will keep temperatures a little chilly in that province is also keeping it seasonal in the Maritimes.

The long range looks a little unsettled for the region, with a system moving in Thursday overnight and lingering Friday.

Ontario and Quebec

A system moving in from the Ohio Valley is responsible for the showers many Ontarians woke up to Tuesday morning, after two rounds of rain overnight.

Rainfall warnings were issued in the Windsor area Monday night, after flash flooding struck Detroit, and rainfall estimates of up to 25 mm per hour were detected in the area, with 68 mm falling by 8 p.m.

Elsewhere across southern Ontario, rainfall totals were smaller, but there's still some set to fall.

A special weather statement is in effect for all of southern Ontario, while further north, rainfall warnings are in for most of the Nickel Belt, including Timmins and Sudbury.

Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton says showers should clear out of most areas by Tuesday night, with some easing through the Tuesday morning and clearing possible in the Greater Toronto Area Wednesday evening.

"As rains ease during or after the morning commute, depending on how much clearing occurs, storms late in the afternoon could be near severe threshold," Hamilton says.

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Quebec, meanwhile, is squarely in the path of this system. Rainfall warnings in effect for areas north and west of Montreal, with 50-70 mm possibly falling between Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening, and up to 50 mm for areas north of the St. Lawrence eastward to Baie Comeau and Gaspesie, according to Environment Canada.


Although Tuesday morning is relatively quiet in the west, non-severe thunderstorms moved across Manitoba through the evening.

For Tuesday, southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba are in the risk zone, along with isolated severe storms in northwestern Alberta.

The risk will be more widespread across Alberta and Saskatchewan on Wednesday, but with the exception of parts of the latter province, any storms that do pop up should be non-severe.

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British Columbia

That storm risk also stretches into B.C. Tuesday and Wednesday, at a time when parts of the Interior are in the grip of a major hot streak.

"A short-lived heat wave for southern B.C. for Sunday and Monday did occur," Hamilton says. "Lytton was the national hotspot, recording a temperature of 40.1oC."

Possible showers threaten the South Coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, ending a long rain-free streak.

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