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'Lucky pup' saved by a nose

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Thursday, October 10, 2013, 8:22 PM -

For a few scary moments, the fate of a seal hung on the nose of a Great White Shark. 

Luckily, the seal managed to escape the jaws of death and wildlife photographer David "Baz" Jenkins was there to witness it all.

"This seal was one lucky pup," Jenkins told Caters News Agency. 

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Jenkins captured the shot in a July shark-watching cruise in South Africa, and since then the photo has garnered thousands of views online.

According to Jenkins, the seal was among a group returning to Seal Island off the coast of Cape Town when the shark attacked. 

"The breaching sharks are amazing, the speed and agility just takes your breath away as they can explode from below without warning," Jenkins told Caters. 
With files from CNN

(David Jenkins)

(David Jenkins)

(David Jenkins)

(David Jenkins)

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