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Light snow, freezing drizzle hits BC's south coast prompting the question: Are Vancouverites winter weather wimps?

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    Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 8:48 AM -

    Light snow fell across parts of coastal BC on Monday, including the City of Vancouver where flurries are expected to persist through Wednesday.

    Freezing drizzle is also forecast to continue through the morning hours on Tuesday with significant ice accumulations and slippery, hazardous road conditions likely.

    While this wintry mix is less than ideal for drivers, it may seem minimal to other parts of the country that have already had their fair share of snowstorms and frigid temperatures so far this season.

    As a result, we hit the streets of Vancouver Monday with the question: Are Vancouverites winter weather wimps?

    "I think we’re a bit more weather wimps than, I would say, other places in Canada," one resident said. "We’re used to the rain here, but when it comes to snow, I don’t think we prepare as well for it."

    "I think we've been spoiled a little bit. We have this kind of a sense of entitlement that we should be the warmest place in Canada," said another. "We've got nice beautiful weather, then we get some a little bit cold and people are kind of hesitating to go outside and enjoy themselves."

    Would you consider yourself a weather #Wimp or weather #Warrior?

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