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Keep storm water in your garden - not your basement!

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The Canadian Press

Wednesday, September 25, 2013, 4:03 PM -

Dalhousie University and the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax have teamed up to help solve a soggy problem: the routine flooding of a basement on campus. The solution? A unique garden that acts like a sponge. 

"That basement floods repeatedly," explained volunteer Emily Legrand, of the Ecology Action Centre. "So what we're really hoping for is that we'll prevent water from actually getting near the foundation." 

When it comes to building a rain garden, LeGrand says there are a few key differences homeowner's need to keep in mind. 

"The shape of it requires special consideration, so you want water to flow into it -- and so that means it needs to be the lowest point around on your landscape," said LeGrand. 

So, what tools will you need before getting started on your eco-friendly yard? 

According to LeGrand, it just takes about $1000 and several people with some time and some shovels! 

Learn more about the Ecology Action Youth Centre initiative on their Facebook page.

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