Japan's Sakurajima volcano has largest eruption in decades

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Sunday, August 18, 2013, 8:31 PM -

It's considered to be one of Japan's most active volcanoes and on Sunday, the Sakurajima had one of its most powerful eruptions in decades. 

The volcano, located in the far southwestern region of Japan's mainland on the island of Kyushu, became active at 4:31pm local time, sending an ash plume five kilometres into the air. The cloud is the tallest ever recorded for the volcano, since records began in 1955. 

According to public broadcaster, NHK World, visibility in the city of Kagoshima quickly deteriorated as ash spread across into populated parts of the city of 600,000 residents. 

Officials say there are no signs of major volcanic activity at the moment, but they are still urging caution. 

Sunday's eruption marked the 500th eruption this year at the mountain.

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