Humid air mass brings Summer temperatures to the GTA


Rodrigo Cokting
Staff writer

Friday, June 13, 2014, 1:00 PM -

If the last couple of days have left you wishing for warmer weather, you might be happy with what's around the corner for the GTA.

Temperatures are expected to be quite high next week. And while it might not be the perfect "hot summer days," it will definitely be warm, humid and sticky. Once humidex is taken into account the days will feel like the low to mid-thirties.

The muggy weather won't be the product of a heatwave, but rather humidity.

"At the beginning of the week, we're looking at a hot and humid air mass on its way into southern Ontario which will make it feel more like summer but very muggy," said Matt Grinter, meteorologist at The Weather Network. "We will see warm tempertures continuing throughout the better part of next week"

Coolers and drier conditions are expected toward the end of the week.

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