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Heavy rain in California is putting a damper on Oscar preparations

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Saturday, March 1, 2014, 7:44 PM -

Heavy rain in California is putting a damper on Oscar preparations.

Crews doing whatever they can to try and keep the Red Carpet dry. 

Workers used poles to remove sitting water up off the tops of tents so they don't fall down and soak the carpet. 

The famous walkway is also covered in plastic. 

Organizers are saying they are hoping for sun and clear skies on Sunday.

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The storm that just won't quit 

Officials and residents on high alert overnight as the latest Pacific storm system threatens to wreak havoc on the West Coast. 

Dumping up to 152 mm of rain onto dry, parched land in California, and as much as 203 mm up in the mountains. But, instead of drought relief, experts say the deluge may bring disastrous flash floods and mudslides. 

Residents are hoping that their prep work -- sand bagging, and building barricades -- will pay off and protect their homes. 

The driest parts of California will need over 380 mm of rain to bounce back from the devastating drought, but too much at once could be disastrous.

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