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Favourable conditions for funnel clouds in Alberta, Saskatchewan Thursday

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Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Thursday, May 15, 2014, 12:54 PM - Severe weather season is upon us and Environment Canada has issued an advisory for the potential development of funnel clouds in northern Alberta and southern Saskatchewan Thursday. 

"Cold core funnel clouds and hail are possible over the Battlefords and Lloydminster regions this afternoon," says EC in the weather advisory. "They should end by late this afternoon."

According to EC, these types of funnel clouds are generated by weak rotation under rapidly growing clouds or weak thunderstorms.

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"This weak rotation is normally not a danger near the ground. However, there is a chance that this rotation could intensify and become a weak landspout tornado," EC adds.

Although landspout tornadoes don't typically cause significant damage, they can still be dangerous.

"They can be dangerous enough to topple trees, damage roofs or toss debris short distances," EC says.

As a result, residents are urged to treat any funnel cloud sighting seriously and take shelter if a funnel cloud appears.

On Wednesday, Environment Canada confirmed the first tornado of the season.

The EF-1 tornado occurred in the Mildmay area of Ontario late Tuesday afternoon, packing winds up to 150 km/h along a damage path of two kilometres.

According to EC, one house suffered significant damage. Barns, trees and power lines in the area were also affected.

Tornado warnings were in place at the time.

STORM HUNTERS: Storm Hunter Mark Robinson and Weather Network meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal are heading to Tornado Alley. Check back for frequent updates on their coverage in the U.S.

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