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Friday, November 1, 2013, 11:10 AM -

It's almost time to fall back one hour.

Daylight saving time will end the morning of Sunday, November 3, and that means setting your clocks back one hour.


Although gaining an hour seems like a good way to get more rest, the change of time can influence your sleep patterns.

Sleep experts say that while it's easier to gain an hour than it is to lose it, that doesn't mean your inner body clock or circadian rhythms aren't affected.

But there are ways you can reset your sleep patterns and prepare for the change before daylight saving time ends. That way, your sleep won't be interrupted.

Doctors say it's best to modify your schedule about a week before the official change.

Set your clocks an hour behind and try to ease into the new sleep pattern. And try to keep hydrated. Drinking a lot of water helps the body adjust.

After the time change, stay active during the day and do something relaxing a few hours before what would normally be your bedtime.

If you're taking medication, begin to take it a little earlier, especially if the drugs affect sleeping habits.

Taking these small steps a few days before the change can help regulate melatonin, a hormone in your body that helps your inner body clock adjust, leaving you with a good night's sleep.


Turning the clocks back one hour is also a sign that the winter season and stormy weather are on the way.

As a result, safety officials suggest doing a check around the home and changing your smoke alarm batteries.

“In order for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to do their job, they need to have working batteries,” says John Percy with Waterloo Fire Rescue. “Once a year, old batteries should be replaced with new batteries.”

Homeowners are reminded to:

  • Install one smoke alarm per floor and outside sleeping areas.
  • Never remove a smoke alarm from the ceiling due to a nuisance alarm.
  • Install fresh batteries in all smoke and CO alarms at least annually.
  • Replace smoke alarms older than 10 years old.
  • Practice a home fire Escape Plan together with the family.

Since the late 1960's Saskatchewan has not observed Daylight Time and remains on Standard Time all year round.

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