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Dark clouds: Prairie skies fill with funnel clouds


Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Friday, June 27, 2014, 12:14 PM -

The dark skies above the Prairie provinces generated a few funnel clouds, snapped by several of our viewers.

No tornado touchdowns were reported, but parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba are under rainfall warnings, with thunderstorm risk widespread across the region.

Here are seven shots from our viewers of what those clouds looked like before they threatened to drench the region.

Kathy Wallace, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Melissa Petrescu, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Allison Kurz, Drinkwater, Saskatchewan

Maria Guidos-Albert, Bellevue, Alberta

Barry, Empress, Alberta

Melissa Wilinksi, Elrose, Saskatchewan

Linda Simon, Wiseton, Saskatchewan

INCOMING STORMS: We'll have regular updates on TV and online on the storms affected the Prairies on Friday and Saturday. Tune in, and send us your pictures and video.

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