Comet ISON "doing just fine."

Image: NASA

Image: NASA

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, October 13, 2013, 12:08 PM -

Good news about the potential "comet of the year," Comet ISON.

A new study says when the cosmic traveller skirts the edge of the sun next month, it will survive to put on a spectacular light show.

The "sungrazing" comet will pass a mere 1,165,000 km above the surface of the sun on November 28. 

For months, astronomers have been speculating what will happen when ISON finally reaches the sun.

The best case scenario is that the comet survives the sun's immense gravitational pull and heat, and starts winding its way out of the solar system, so bright that it can be seen with the naked eye even during the day, to careful observers.

On the other hand, ISON could be torn apart as it nears the sun, fizzling out.

NASA's ISON observation team says they still don't know for sure how ISON's passage will play out, but they're optimistic that, at the very least, it won't be a bust.

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