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Cockroaches infest Honolulu city bus

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    Saturday, February 8, 2014, 4:25 PM -

    People who use public transportation are used to seeing all sorts of things. But what one bus rider found could top them all. 

    Photo's recently surfaced of a Honolulu city bus covered in cockroaches. 

    "I'm grossed out, beyond comprehension. It's disgusting," said Hyuk, who rides the bus every day to and from UH Manoa. 

    After several eye-witness accounts, riders eventually notified the operator and the bus was taken in for cleaning. In fact, every bus is now cleaned every night. 

    Each bus is also subject to periodic deep cleans. 

    Oahu Transit Services officials have taken full responsibility for the infestation issue and are asking riders to report any and all problems as soon as they arise. 

    "We really appreciate the assistance of our riders in making us aware of an unclean situation so that we can notify our maintenance crew who can then treat the problem and have it cleaned thoroughly before putting it back into service," said Michelle Kennedy of Oahu Transit Services.

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