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Clean-up underway after Ottawa storm, cold core funnels reported

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    Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 11:51 AM -

    Heavy rain, hail and funnel clouds. 

    Storms that pushed through the Ottawa area on Monday resulted in an interesting drive home for commuters.

    Several people reported seeing funnel clouds and tornadoes, but Environment Canada later confirmed they were cold core funnels. 

    "The region was sitting under an upper level low which provided the cold air aloft required to aid in the production of these funnel clouds," says Monica Vaswani, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "Cold core funnels are funnel clouds that form when there is cold air aloft and just enough vertical wind shear (winds moving at different directions and at different heights). They will often form out of towering cumulus clouds but they usually form high above the ground and thus very rarely touch down. They are not the same types of tornadoes, which form out of supercell thunderstorms and are also generally much weaker, however if they do reach the ground they have the capability to produce some minor damage and thus should still be taken seriously," Vaswani adds.

    Monday's storm also caused significant damage at Ottawa's Pineview Golf Club.

    The course tweeted out photos of downed trees Tuesday morning as crews began the storm clean-up. 

    "Main focus is to clear cart paths of debris and make the course playable," they tweeted.

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