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Caught on camera: Storm watcher hit by lightning while videotaping storm

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Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, July 9, 2014, 11:15 AM -

Chad Greenlees of Arvada, Colorado thought he was watching just a normal summer storm Monday night, but as the lightning grew closer to his house, so did his brush with death. 

Greenlees was standing in his garage recording the hail and lightning on his cell phone, when a lightning bolt literally knocked him out. 

"I was incoherent, my ear still really hurts and rings still," he told reporters a day after the terrifying ordeal. 

While Greenlees is fine now, people all across Arvada are still cleaning up.

SIX PHOTOS: The power of lightning!

"All the screens are shredded and destroyed, the siding," said Mary Gibb, who's home is in need of major repairs. 

The hail chipped away at her siding and the wind filled her yard with plenty of debris. 

At the height of the storm, over 11,000 residents were without power. 

Monday's storm is one people across Arvada aren't likely to forget anytime soon -- especially people like Greenlees who promises to be more careful in the future. 

"I don't think I'll go playing around in the rain like I used to, I really don't."

Files from CNN

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