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Caught on camera: Seaplane almost lands on whale in Alaska

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 8:09 AM - Here's one whale of a close call in Alaska!

A seaplane nearly landed on a humpback whale in the tiny, remote city of Angoon last week.

Thomas Hamm was shooting a video of the seaplane coming in for a landing and caught the whole thing on camera.

The video starts out normal, but as the plane lowers, it’s clear something is different about this approach.

FIVE PHOTOS: Whale watching

The pilot advanced the throttle and pulled up, getting just enough lift to avoid the mammal.

The plane landed safely seconds later and Hamm showed the pilot the video he shot.

Hamm said the pilot told him he didn't notice the whale; he reacted to the commotion on the shore as guys were pointing and yelling.

Right as the pilot pulled up, the whale breached, clearing his blowhole and drenching the plane's windshield.

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