Adorable seal enjoys belly rub in new YouTube video

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 6:28 PM -

Scuba diver Jason Neilus made a friend recently while exploring the waters off the coast of Northumberland, England.

Thankfully, he was armed with a GoPro camera and managed to capture the whole thing on film.

Watch as an adorable seal makes its way over to Neilus and, after a bit of curious sniffing, goes in for a belly rub.

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The video has been a big hit online racking up nearly 700,000 views in just two days' time.

While some YouTube comments have expressed concerned about getting so close to a wild animal Neilus says these particular seals posed no apparent threat.

"These guys are very young and live in a pretty protected colony," he said on his YouTube page.

"Once they have had a season of being all nosy and cute they move off and seem to remain just aloof enough to be safe. I am sure some occasionally get hurt by the coasts, but in six years of diving there I've never seen or heard it happen." 

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