2013/14 Winter Outlook: British Columbia


Tuesday, November 26, 2013, 6:12 -

The Weather Network’s meteorologists have released the winter outlook for 2013/14. We produce outlooks for each region as well as providing you with a national outlook. Below you can find the outlook for British Columbia. To find out more about what forecasters are predicting across Canada for the winter, check out the national winter outlook.

Region Temperature Outlook Precipitation Outlook
British Columbia Below normal expected for Haida Gwaii; the North and Central Coasts, including inland sections; parts of the Bulkley valley and the Chilcotin; and northern Vancouver Island. Near normal elsewhere. Below normal forecast for Haida Gwaii; the North and Central Coasts, including neighbouring inland sections. Near normal elsewhere.

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Canada's 2013/14 Winter Outlook

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