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Weather Systems
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These maps show the national view of where active weather systems currently are and where they're expected to move. These systems include: high & low pressure, cold & warm fronts, troughs, and jet stream.

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Latest News

  • manmeet bhullar - 112415.png

    Alberta MLA dies in snowy highway crash

  • TWITTER- Sask crash

    Brief: Wintry blast wreaks havoc on roads

  • Cold hat

    Maritimes face drastic drop in temperatures

  • 000 - iqaluit.jpg

    Report: Canada warming at twice the global rate

  • Above_Gotham.jpg

    By 2020, sunlight will be a hot commodity in New York City

  • Lake Erie Sept 6 algae - NASA

    Lake Erie algae bloom grew so large, it broke the scale

  • bird flock - wikipedia.png

    Earthquake scared so many birds they showed up on radar

  • Coal burning plant - Arnold Paul - June 13, 2013

    Unlikely source bolsters Canada's pledge for climate action

  • wintry-1122

    Brief: Wintry weather forecast coast-to-coast

  • dogs-1122

    Photos: Ontarians wake up to first significant snowfall

  • Brief Thumb 1122

    Brief: Frigid, winter-like weather conditions ahead for many

  • China Thumb 1121

    8 eerie shots of an abandoned village swallowed by nature

  • Heavy snow traffic

    Brief: Wintry weekend ahead

  • large diamond.png

    This is what a 1,111-carat diamond looks like

  • Forest Fire

    Study suggests fires take a day off on Sunday

  • 1 Day on Pluto and Charon - NASA-JHUAPL-SWRI

    NASA reveals the many fascinating faces of Pluto and Charon

  • SAD-1120

    Study: Light therapy may treat all depression, not just SAD

  • climate change warning.png

    Climate change warnings appear on Canadian gas pumps

  • martin jetpack - 111915.png

    First responders in Dubai to be fitted with jetpacks

  • Snow squall

    Brief: Wintry blast closes in on next target

  • Canada testing Mars tech - CSA

    University students plot Canada's future in Mars exploration

  • Winnipeg snow

    Winter-like storm whips through Saskatchewan, Manitoba

  • snow car- Nov19

    Brief: First (significant) blast of snow

  • Snowflake

    Flurries, snow squalls headed to Ontario

  • umbrella rain

    System pushing into Ontario with rain, wind and snow

  • bcsnowwhistler.png

    El Niño: Early ski season success for the Pacific northwest

  • westsnow.png

    10 photos that prove winter has arrived in western Canada

  • ISTOCK- snow umbrella

    Brief: More messy weather ahead

  • Coq highway snow

    Mudslide, accidents snarl traffic on B.C. highway

  • twitter - nstree.png

    Nova Scotia Christmas tree headed for Boston

  • Windy umbrella

    Strong wind gusts hit southern Alberta

  • rainy - 111615.jpg

    Brief: Snow, rain and truck-flippin' winds

  • sunset - ugc - 111615.jpg

    World's hidden groundwater mapped by Canadian scientist

  • riverofsand.png111615

    Bizarre river of sand and hail strikes desert

  • whistler - ugc - 111215.png

    Canada's top ski resort receives almost a metre of snow

  • clouds-1115

    Brief: Messy mix for the east, harsh winds and rain for B.C.

  • catfish-1114

    See the massive fish hauled in by fishermen in Cambodia

  • snow-1115

    Pesky low brings more snow to NFLD. Here's how much

  • snow

    Brief: Snowfall warnings for the west, rain lingers out east

  • foam-1114

    Photos: Toxic foam plagues India's streets

  • fundy-1114

    Canada's oldest dinosaur bones revealed. Here's where

  • Wakato_Bridge_KitaKyushu_Japan.jpg

    Powerful earthquake strikes Japan, small tsunami triggered

  • crooked forest - wikipedia - 121115.png

    Poland's 'crooked forest' continues to baffle scientists

  • Fall leaves with snow

    Find out how the weekend is shaping up

  • Thanksgiving black friday US forecast weather

    Severe storms may have impact on Thanksgiving travel plans

  • PEIpark.png

    Six strange reviews of Canada's most beautiful spots

  • WT1190F reentry - NASA

    Mystery object makes fiery Friday the 13th dive from space

  • Fall sunshine

    Brief: Winds die in one region, rain continues in another

  • twitter - storm damage - 121115.png

    Strong winds cause flooding, damages in Ontario

  • King Tides - NASA

    King Tides have some Canadians on high alert, here's why

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