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Weather Systems
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These maps show the national view of where active weather systems currently are and where they're expected to move. These systems include: high & low pressure, cold & warm fronts, troughs, and jet stream.

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Latest News

  • sunset - ugc - 020516.png

    Brief: Find out what the weekend has in store

  • 16-02-05 Atlantic storm

    Freezing rain, snow hits the Maritimes

  • 00mrplow.png

    10 weather-related Simpsons quotes

  • 16-02-05 Zika Virus

    El Niño may be helping spread Zika virus, here's how

  • crane-0205

    Crane collapses in New York, weather may have played a role

  • 16-02-05 National forecast BARON

    Brief: Active weather pattern impacting both coasts

  • school of fish - Wikipedia - 020416.png

    Rising carbon dioxide in water could lead to drunk fish

  • angry cat - UGC - 020416.png

    Spend time with 11 animals that are clearly done with winter

  • 16-02-04 - Great Lakes Composite Feb 1 - NASA

    Scientific concern begins over lack of Great Lakes' ice

  • 16-02-04- Fort Stewart tornado

    'Tornadogenesis' leaves onlookers in awe, but capture it all

  • 16-02-04-BC earthquake preparedness

    Millions spent on preparation for next Canadian 'Big One'

  • 16-02-02 Winter update BARON

    UPDATED Winter Forecast: Will the season make a comeback?

  • 16-02-04 Snow dog UGC

    Brief: A true winter weekend for these parts of the country

  • 16-02-04 Toronto skyline UGC

    This winter could be Toronto's greenest EVER

  • 16-01-22 Winter Sun UGC

    New all time February records broken for Ontario heat

  • car spinning - facebook - 020316.png

    Scary: Highway Patrol catches SUV spinning on ice

  • Mumbai trash fire - NASA - 0020316.png

    Massive garbage fire big enough to be seen from space

  • 16-02-03 Giant Softshell Turtle WIKIMEDIA

    Rare beloved turtle dead, only 3 of its kind left on Earth

  • 16-02-02 OPP east roads TWITTER

    Slick roads force bus cancellations in Ontario

  • 16-02-03 - Jan30-Feb1 Fireballs - YouTube

    Bright fireballs flash across the sky. Did you see them too?

  • 16-02-03 Nacreous Clouds WIKIMEDIA

    Stunning multicoloured clouds brighten U.K.'s dreary skies

  • Freezing rain 2

    Brief: Incoming storms hit both coasts

  • Raccoon - Twitter - 020216.png

    Raccoon tries to take a ride on a Toronto subway

  • Reporter and fish - YouTube - 020216.png

    Bizarre scene as reporter gets knocked out by a flying fish

  • Highway snow

    Brief: Winter roller coaster continues for start of February

  • spirit bear - Wikipedia - 020116.png

    New deal protects swath of central B.C. coast from logging

  • groundhog_UGC_0515

    Despite conflicting results, Groundhog Day still matters

  • toronto map thumbnail - 020116.png

    System to bring winter storm to Ontario Tuesday night

  • Nova Scotia outage - Twitter - 020116

    Nova Scotia Power gets most customers back online

  • lightning - YouTube - 020116.png

    Lightning strikes water metres from two men

  • 16-01-31 Brief Thumb Ice

    Wet, wintry start to February before week of active weather

  • 16-01-31 Chai Elephant

    Is cold weather to blame for death of this beloved elephant?

  • 16-01-31 Lake Bolivia

    The second largest lake in Bolivia has officially dried up

  • leaf12

    Celebrate new Leafs logo with gorgeous shots of maple leaves

  • 01-31-16- snowy ATL

    Atlantic Canada digs out from storm, temperatures rise

  • 01-30-16- search and rescue

    Five snowmobilers killed in B.C. avalanche

  • deer rescue - 012916

    Watch Ontarians rescue stranded deer from frozen lake

  • 14-11-11 Brenda Scott Snow North Bay VV

    Brief: The last weekend of the month will be stormy for some

  • 16-1-29-pig rescued from blizzard

    See Wee Wee the pig who survived U.S. blizzard

  • 16-1-29-ice floe rescue-Peterborough

    Defiant duo rescued off ice floe, stern warning from police

  • Blizzard Canadian flag

    Brief: Record warmth in the west, blizzard watch in the east

  • whale-0129

    Massive beached whale in India exposes growing concern

  • 16-01-28 - 30 years Challenger disaster - NASA

    Truth behind the Challenger disaster, and how cold to blame

  • elk - youtube - 012816.png

    Oregon State Troopers rescue elk stuck in snow

  • snowchallenge.png1

    #SnowChallenge has gone viral: Why that's a bad thing

  • flip-0128

    Tornado flips vehicles, uproots trees in southern Florida

  • gun-0128

    Brave physicist shoots himself underwater ... for science!

  • U.S Niagara falls - Wikipedia - 012516.png

    Update: Plan to 'turn off' Niagara Falls on hold until 2019

  • Mindy Kaling - Facebook - 012716.png

    Famous comic explains how to say 'Newfoundland'

  • snowflakes - UGC - 012716.jpg

    Brief: Stormy systems setting up for the weekend

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