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Gary Archibald

Gary Archibald
Gary's original career path was focused on science, but realizing a potential career in media, he went back to school to study Broadcast Journalism at Centennial College. After starting his career as a television writer and editor, he returned to working in front of the camera, this time as a reporter and anchor. He started with Rogers Television, covering junior hockey with the Ontario Hockey League, then with The Weather Network (2002-2004), Global Television, and the A-Channel. From the top media market in Canada to the top media market in America and the world, NBC scouted Gary in 2006, which is when he went off to work in the Big Apple. For three years Gary was a mainstay for the NBC Universal family of top-rated programs and networks. Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Gary Archibald is happy to be back in Canada. You can catch Gary on weekday evenings on The Weather Network.
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