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Daniel Martins
Daniel Martins Digital Reporter Daniel started his career as a journalist in 2007, working as a newspaper reporter in the Maritimes before coming to The Weather Network as a scriptwriter and online journalist in 2012. Aside from writing about the weather (it's t... Read More
Cheryl Santa Maria
Cheryl Santa Maria Digital Reporter Cheryl Santa Maria joined The Weather Network in 2011, following five years of freelance writing. She is the editor of The Weather Network's Endangered Species series, which takes a weekly look at how the changing planet is affect... Read More
Scott Sutherland
Scott Sutherland Meteorologist/Science Writer With over 10 years experience as a meteorologist and a lifelong passion for science backing him up, Scott Sutherland has focused his knowledge and enthusiasm into a career as a science writer and science communicator. Scott’s we... Read More
Doug GillhamA
Dr. Doug Gillham Meteorologist, PhD Doug grew-up in Vineland, Ont., (near St. Catharines) and his earliest weather memories include several great snowstorms during the late 70s and 80s.  Doug has always loved snow, and was determined at an early age to figure out w... Read More
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Leeanna McLean Digital Reporter Read More
Chris Scott
Chris Scott Chief Meteorologist Chris first joined The Weather Network as a part-time meteorologist in 1998, and now is Chief Meteorologist and Forecast Operations Manager. Chris leads a dedicated staff of 24 meteorologists who produce thousands of weather forec... Read More
Michael Carter2
Michael Carter Meteorologist Read More
Brad Rousseau
Brad Rousseau Meteorologist Believe it or not, despite Brad's career choice he got his start with a crippling fear of storms. Growing up in Welland, Ont., he would be diving for cover anywhere he could find with so much as a little rumble of thunder. Natural... Read More
Scott Sutherland
Scott Sutherland Meteorologist/Science Writer With over 10 years experience as a meteorologist and a lifelong passion for science backing him up, Scott Sutherland has focused his knowledge and enthusiasm into a career as a science writer and science communicator. Scott’s we... Read More
Jaclyn Whittal
Jaclyn Whittal Meteorologist Jaclyn's expertise as a meteorologist can be viewed as part of her regular Insider Insight video columns on Read More
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Gerry Malloy Columnist, Gerry Malloy is an experience automotive journalist and regular contributor to The Weather Network in a partnership with Check back weekly to read his Insider Insights. Read More
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson Meteorologist Mark Robinson is a meteorologist with The Weather Network. Check back often for more of his Insider Insights. Read More
Tyler Hamilton
Tyler Hamilton Meteorologist Tyler received his Bachelor of atmospheric sciences degree from The University of Alberta in 2013, and founded the Vancouver weather blog @50ShadesofVan. This summer he joined The Weather Network family as a meteorologist, special... Read More
Renee Tratch
Renee Tratch Digital Writer, Renee Tratch is a prairie-born, Toronto-based writer. Her move from journalism to public relations took her from Saskatchewan to Ontario (and countries in between) before settling in Toronto. She takes a weekly look at the greener... Read More
Krissy Vann
Krissy Vann Presenter, The Weather Network Read More
Dayna Vetesse (2)
Dayna Vettese Meteorologist Dayna is a meteorologist and team leader of the meteorological briefing services at The Weather Network. Graduating with Honours with a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science and a Certificate in Meteorology from York Universi... Read More
Dalia Ibrahim Digital Reporter Dalia Ibrahim joined The Weather Network’s team of writers in 2012. With an eye for anything odd and offbeat, she is never one to shy away from writing about the quirkier side of weather. In her spare time, you can find her rumm... Read More
Rachel Schoutsen
Rachel Schoutsen Presenter, The Weather Network Read More
Nathan Coleman Reporter Nathan Coleman is The Weather Network's Atlantic Canada reporter. Check back for his Insider Insights regularly. Read More
Gina Ressler(2)
Gina Ressler Meteorologist Gina Ressler joined The Weather Network’s team of meteorologists in 2011. Gina is fascinated by the complexities of our universe, our earth and its atmosphere. She loves forecasting winter weather, and has published research on ... Read More
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Canadian Yachting Magazine Canadian Yachting magazine provides relevant lifestyle stories, travel destinations, product reviews for boaters across Canada. Visit here: Read More
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Michelle Mackey Weather Broadcaster Read More
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy Weather Broadcaster Chris began working at The Weather Network in August 1999 and all these years later, still loves coming to work every day. Creatively combining 3 of his passions — history, weather and storytelling — Chris has woven together f... Read More
Autofile Canada is your resource for all things automotive. We test-drive cars and trucks and travel the globe to auto shows and industr... Read More
Nicole Karkic
Nicole Karkic Weather Broadcaster Nicole believes that all Canadians share a deep interest in the weather because of the profound effect it has on our daily lives. The weather can play a positive role, but can also be the root of many disastrous situations. This p... Read More
Deb Matejicka
Deb Matejicka Calgary bureau reporter Deb Matejicka is The Weather Network's Western Canada reporter based in Calgary. Check back for her Insider Insights regularly. Read More
Chris St. ClairA
Chris St. Clair Weather Broadcaster Chris St. Clair has been a mainstay on The Weather Network since 1995 and was chosen as "Canada's Most Dependable Weatherman". After a start hosting mornings, Chris can now be seen on weekends. Read More
Sheryl Plouffe
Sheryl Plouffe Weather Broadcaster, The Weather Network Sheryl has been an integral part of The Weather Network team for over a decade both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.  We love her so much we brought her back in front of the green screen in 2013 where she is committe... Read More
Kasia Bodurka Reporter Kasia received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and French from The University of Ottawa, and later studied Broadcast Journalism at Seneca College. Read her Insider Insights regularly on Read More
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Bryn Jones Meteorological Analyst, Read More
Suzanne Leonard
Suzanne Leonard Weather Broadcaster Suzanne's warm and intelligent presentation has been a mainstay of The Weather Network's broadcast schedule since 1998. Her passion for communication, meteorology, news and lifelong learning make a winning combination for this bro... Read More
Gary Archibald
Gary Archibald Weather Broadcaster Gary's original career path was focused on science, but realizing a potential career in media, he went back to school to study Broadcast Journalism at Centennial College. After starting his career as a television writer and editor... Read More
Tom Reynolds Weather Broadcaster The Weather Network's popular commuter reporter is no stranger to traffic jams. Tom spent 19 years with the Toronto Transit Authority as their media communications and traffic commuter expert. Like many of his colleagues, Tom rece... Read More
Chris Mei
Chris Mei Weather Broadcaster Chris's love for ever-changing weather conditions brought him to The Weather Network family back in 2006 after fourteen years in radio, television, and entertainment. Chris has been in his fair share of weather events due to trave... Read More
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