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Why do those red Alert banners get posted?

Alert banners are posted on by government agencies, particularly when weather or other events are expected or occurring that could pose a threat to public safety, such as poor visibility, dangerous driving conditions and more. In some cases the alert is considered high priority, and appears in full on the page immediately. This is to ensure that website users are aware of the event. Once the alert page is closed, it will not appear automatically unless the alert is updated.

How do I change to °F or °C?

You can change to Fahrenheit or to Celsius on the desktop site either by clicking directly on the temperature next to the weather icon on the forecast page, or by clicking on the °C or °F at the very top of the page, in the grey bar.

On the mobile website please find these settings by clicking on the "hamburger menu" icon, and scrolling to the bottom of the menu.

What does the ∼ mean? (Example: ∼5 mm of rain)
The ~ (also known as a tilde) is a mathematical symbol that indicates "approximately".

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